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Whatever a trucking company wants on there goes on there without knowledge to the driver.You dont even know you have a DAC unless somebody tells you.

They are souling for the trucking company benefit. The company pays them that is why they put anything on there even if it is not true. It ruins a chance for a job and a driving career. They lie.

I have heard this from numerous drivers. They need to change the way they inform and put incidences and accidents on your record. At least get the drivers side first then it can be disputed. Experian Trans Union and all the credit reporting agencies have this practice.

It is against a persons Amendment rights reporting false information etc.

Somebody needs to get a petition going for these agencies ESPECIALLY DAC SERVICES USIS> they wont even give a driver a copy of the DAC if you can find them.I finally found out they are in OK.

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DAC Services - DAC SUCKS

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i had an old employer report to a new employer that I refused a random drug test at which time I was terminated and it was reported to dac. I since disputed and received a letter stating that it was investigated and was deleted.I just was hired only to be let go in 2 days because a previous employer reported that I refused a random.So obviously it was never deleted.Now I had put out an application over the internet so I am sure 100 companies have ran a dac which is no good at all if you have something negative on there

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Yea ffe is an fraud! DON'T GO THERE!!!!


DAC/USIS, Has gotten away with destroying Hundreds and thousands, if not Millions of workers and their families. DAC is a home grown TERRORIST GROUP and should be known as a TERRORIST GROUP here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Identity Theft, false reporting of Consumer Credit ACT and it seems DAC/USIS is protected by GOOD GOVERNMENT BS! I'm a Government Agent, I had my CDL before My career in the GOV. Now with all the PINK slips and the GOV IOU's and the economics are not getting any better. I decide to get a part time job driving truck on weekends.

I have a SECURITY CLEARANCE, enough said!

The company I applied with pulled my DAC and it stated I am a CONVICTED MURDERER, I was Convicted of Vehicular Homicide, I had 3 DUI's in less than 3 months in 2002, I still in jail now for being a habitual offender for driving under suspension? WTF! I could not stop laughing! Their are 13 different Charges on my DAC! It's when DAC gets away with destroying good people's reputation is a SERIOUS CRIME! "Not to toot my own horn!" But, I am not the person to report FALSE ACCUSATIONS ABOUT! I have requested a CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION into this (Terrorist) Group! Dac/USIS hung up the phone on me after I requested my DAC personal report

Saying, They are Federal Government Contractors and following the LAWS are their number ! rule!

Bottom line is, DO NOT just look at what I do now for a living!

Everyone has to defend their own REPUTATION! Contact...

Once you file a lawsuit, file a P.O.I. (Protection of Interest) asap! "If your state has other meanings of the federal statue! :( All of the Military Vets out there! You have a Congressional right to Congressional Investigations! Make an Example out of DAC/USIS and let Congress know, Your family and reputation is worth $200,000,000.00+ against This (TERRORIST) Group!

USIS/DAC is going to loose this battle with me! :(

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I got hired on by FFE in December 2009 and a week later got a call my dad was rushed to the hospital and they needed me there due to him needing surgery and I was the Power of Attorney on his medical if something went wrong I had to give them ok to do other procedures.This could have caused my dad his life.

Was dispatched by my dispatcher to go home. The next day when I was at hospital while my dad was haveing surgery FFE sent a wrecker to my house and got the truck.

Now it has put I Abandoned my truck on my dac now i cant find a job.Thanks for lieing FFE and I hope God forgives you.


E.W Wylie said that I abandoned their equipment and it is a lie and I have also been hurt by the bogus report. Sad part is that it is their word against mine. In retrospect I should have left their rig at an undisclosed truck stop instead of returning it to their terminal.


PS-An the company was Schuster Co. in Le Mars, IA. If ur smart, you'll steer clear of they're ***'.


My former employer reported false ino on my DAC an stated i abandoned their equipment when I didnt.They said my license was suspended, when it wasnt, and they terminated me.

If that was the case, I could'nt drive to begin with. I checked into it an the employer is the only one who can remove it, unless DAC investigates an finds the info to be false.

Then they'll remove it.But the employers can tell them whatever they want an ur screwed!


DAC should be like a credit report if your denied you should be able to get a free copy to find out why and make rebuttles

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #71262

anyone know...?arent we able to get a free report every year?

and how do we do that?

what web site?or address?


I have false information on my DAC as well. I recently contacted an attorney, and if your able to prove your case, you can file a law suit against the former employer and DAC services for printing the negative information. It is considered Libel Slander, and you are entitled to damages if it is keeping you from getting work.


I think this whole DAC thing is bull anyways because these companies dont have to prove anything they just call up and say whatever they want and can ruin a driver's career and kill any chance they have at getting a decent job.It has been done to me i dont think they should be allowed to do what they do.

I talked face to face with a Motor Vehicle inspector here in CT.and they say as long as your driving record is clean it shouldnt matter and even they think the DAC report is bogus

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